Lake Sessions

Lake swims are provided by TriSwim at two lake locations, Chipstead and Haysden. You do not need to be a member of 7oaks Tri Club to do open water swimming, however you do have to have membership of Tri Swim.
7oaks Tri Members must also have TriSwim membership to attend the lake sessions. Wet members are entitled to one free lake swim per week. Dry members will need to pay the £6 per swim cost directly with TriSwim.
Full details can be found on the TriSwim website here. Please contact TriSwim directly for any open water related enquiries.
Note that due to the Covid restrictions in place, additional steps are in place to ensure that open water swimming sessions can be safely provided. Please click on the "Covid Info" tab for a summary of what you need to do.
Day Time What Where More Info
Saturday 7am-9am Lake swim Chipstead May - October
Saturday 4:45pm-8:15pm Lake swim Chipstead May - October 
Sunday 7am-9am Lake swim Chipstead May - October
Sunday 4:45pm-8:15pm Lake swim Chipstead May - October 
Monday 4:45pm-8:15pm Lake swim Haysden May - October
Thursday 4:45pm-8:15pm Lake swim Chipstead For a short period only during Covid restrictions
Friday 4:45pm-8:15pm Lake swim Haysden May - October 

Lake Locations


Chipstead Lake is located at the Chipstead Sailing Club, post code TN13 2SD.


Haysden Lake is located at Lower Haysden Lane, Tonbridge and the post code is TN11 9BE

Please read this summary...

1. Membership to TriSwim MUST be purchased in advance via their website. The link to this is here. Note that TriSwim have included the assessment fee in the membership so you only have one amount to pay.
2. As mentioned above, the committee have agreed that, in lieu of not being able to attend pool swimming sessions, we will fund two lake swims per week, per person, for wet members until end of July – at which point we will review.
3. TriSwim are limiting sessions to 40 swimmers per hour. You will need to book your slot in advance via their website – please use the discount code advertised in our newsletter to reduce the cost to just the £1 booking fee. Note that if you don’t attend you will still be expected to pay. Please note that if you miss a slot that the Tri Club have funded, we will expect you to cover this.
4. Additional swims will cost £6 per swim and must be paid by card. TriSwim will NOT be accepting cash. If you think you will be using more than your two swims per week (if more slots/venues are added), you might benefit from purchasing a prepaid swim access card (£54) which can be found here.
5. 7oaks Tri will have their own sign in desk which will be indicated on arrival. Your details will be taken before you will be allowed to swim, so please make sure you sign in – leaving a distance of 2m between you and the receptionist
6. Changing rooms will only be available on a 1 in and 1 out system and reserved for vulnerable children and adults only. It is suggested that you prepare to arrive ready to swim and change outside/in your car to go home. Note that you will not receive any help putting on your wetsuit, so it might be worth checking you can do this yourself before arriving – or put it on before you leave home.
7. Toilets will be strictly 1 in and 1 out with disinfectant spray provided to clean before/after use.
8. There will be a separate swim in and swim out of the lakes, which will be clearly marked and managed by lifeguards.
9. You may only swim closely with people from the same household – all other swimmers must remain 2m apart.
10. If you are unwell or showing symptoms of being unwell, you will be asked to go home.
11. Anyone not following TriSwims social distancing guidelines or anyone who is abusive to staff/customers will be immediately removed and may face a ban from their venues.

Any questions on any of this, please let me know.

This will be a learning experience for us all, so we do ask for some patience whilst these new rules embed.

Safe Swimming
Regards – Your Committee