Beginners bike ride

Hey folks,

Just wondering if the Beginners bike ride was actually a regular occurrence - if it isn't and need someone to lead more regular bike rides, I'm happy leading (although will have to be guided by the garmin until I know the area well). I've got Sam (my better half) who needs to get more confidence on the bike and I don't mind backing off my pace a bit to help new riders if there are enough people new to the bike.


my wife Julie would definitely be interested in beginners ride - as long as its not too early, and not raining !
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Dave Truman
Kudos for stepping forward.
If you need a few routes to start you off let me know. I put some up on that you could just load into your Garmin, like this one:
They all have 7 oaks Tri in the name so just search on that.
If you want some help the first couple of rides there are plenty of folk who will surely be there for you. Just ask.
Great - I'll start sticking some dates in my diary, and can start getting the beginners bike ride going on a regular basis again hopefully.

I'll get something organised and work out what dates I can start - unfortunately got a few weddings coming up so won't be here every Saturday!
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Hi Matt, sorry for not responding to you sooner. It would be great if you could get a regular ride going. Would you please however drop me a line at so that we can exchange a few notes on this. Many thanks, Tony