The Cowman middle distance

Sunday July 5th 3am alarm for a drive to Olney near Milton Keynes. No sane person would do this. I did the cowman in 2010 and 11 I like the venue and course. HQ is in Emberton country park with a lovely 2 lap lake swim and predominantly traffic free run some of it off road.
The weather conditions were perfect cool dry and almost no wind.
Mass swim start at 7 am I got some good feet to the first buoy but lost them, went slightly off course down the back straight not realizing there was a middle buoy marking the shallow waters round the island as I ran aground I took a couple of steps and dived back in. Out of the water through transition and onto the bike for an undulating 92k (2 big laps 1 small). I never have any idea what position I come out of the swim in, but I keep count of those I pass and pass me on the bike. Half way around the first lap I was on my own with two having passed me by I also had passed 2 score 0. A youngste came passed me out of nowhere saying we must be in the top 10. I doubted that. He was followed very closely by 3 others all 4 working together in front of me but only pulling away very slowly or not at all so I kept having to sit up. Soon the draft buster came along side and we had a chat as we watched them I was starting to get a little angry. The Marshall pulled up alongside the 4 then drive off a few miles later the 4 up TT was about 50 meters in front as we passed the Marshall by the side of the road. At this point I burst out of my bubble upped the power and went passed the 4 cheats telling them they should do team TTS together. I put 100 meters on them but could not sustain it and the Pelton marched passed again. I dropped a couple more places on the bike but kept a fairly consistent pace.
T2 and out on the run feeling ok. I forgot my Garmin wrist strap so have to stick my watch in my pocket and run on feel. It's 4 laps taking in the village a couple of fields with a nasty hill and the lake including transition which has lots of support. On the 3rd lap I was pleased to pass at least one of the 4 drafters. Before I knew it down the finish shoot and it's all over but have no idea of my time. After rehydration with some free Erdinger I find out I won my AG was 13th overall in 4:43:58. A PB. I'd recommend this middle distance event it's a lovely course and we'll organised but I'm dissapointed no action seems to have been taken over the drafting.
Results here :
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Dave Truman
Really strong performance Glenn. Unfortunately drafting has been common in middle and long distance races I've done recently. 4:44 is a really, really good 1/2 Ironman time.
Great time and result Glen - sounds like everything was strong- bodes well for your IM. I like that course too. V surprised those cheats didn't get carded - disappointing - worth sending a note to the organisor.