Friday Shirkers Ride

Penny Bulley
Anyone fancy a regular Friday morning cycle?
Meet at Seal rec (beside fire station) at 9.30 starting this Friday 17th January. Cafe stop can be planned!
Please contact me if you are planning to ride I will be out rain or shine but draw the line at ice.
Mrs Chief Shirker,
I'll be there when I can and let you know if I'm coming in advance although you probably won't see me until nearer the Spring.
I can't shirk on a Friday, but I do shirk on Mondays and would be keen to have company on my bike if anyone fancies it.
Hello lovely people, is there a shirkers ride tomorrow? Do I assume it's on unless I hear otherwise? Cheers, Ben
Dave Truman's picture
Dave Truman
Top Banana shirking on Friday. Nice route. Good company and, highlight of the trip, coffee and cake at Huw's new fave caff at the top of Ide Hill.
Recommended. Bring your Blackberry/iPhone and pretend you are in an off site meeting !
Dave T