Garmin Technology Update

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Dave Truman
On 1 July 2015 Garmin made a number of announcements. Two were included that I thought many would find interesting:

Garmin 520 cycling computer £240. I'm writing this through gritted teeth as I only recently got a 510. The 520 has a number of features I'd really like: it's smaller - about the size of the 510; better mapping - not quite proper Satnav, but displaying a proper map to show where you are; Strava support - more of that below; Cycling Dynamics features.

Strava Support. On 520 now and in a software update for 510 in Q3 2015, Garmin will provide support for Strava segments. You will be able to nominate a number of segments into your device. It will then count you down to the start of a segment and show your progress through the segment vs KOM or target.

Much more detail here:

As an aside, I also picked up a 920XT whilst in the US last week. So if anyone is struggling with it, I might be able to help.

Dave T
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Dave Truman
Correction. The 520 is about the size of a 500.
Thanks Dave very helpful
920 as well? Nice. I bet you got a bargain in the Us
looks very nice in the pictures - much better than 510 and the live updates look awesome. Now I've just got to arrange to "lose" my 500 to justify buying one!
interesting - why the gritted teeth about the 520 when you've got the 920 now too? Does the 920 have the strava support too? Imagine this will drive KOM/QOM bounty hunters manically up all the local hills looking at their garmins! Thx Dsve
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Dave Truman
Had the 920 for three weeks now. It doesn't have Strava segment support, but then I don't really use it on my bike. Much prefer the bigger screen of the 510 for that. The features I love on the 920 over the 310 surprised me. I thought the biggest advantage would be replacing my Garmin Swim and 310 with one device. That is certainly a boon, but the ability to upload through WiFi and the running metrics have really been the best. No cables, bluetooth to phone, just press a quick key on the watch and it zooms up to Strava through WiFi. The running metrics are really cool too - cadence, ground contact time and vertical movement. It has made me investigate running form - something I now realise I should have paid much more attention to. All for a measly £350. OK Steve's right - I got a deal in the US - approx $=£!
Worth knowing that if you are a BTF member you get a whopping 25% discount from Garmin.