Garmin/Training Peaks/ Strava power differences

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Does anyone else get irritated with the differences in power produced by Strava compared to Garmin and TP's?

Mine is consistently 10-15% off e.g. a near 3hr ride at the weekend produced a 204 watts NP and 161 average on Garmin and Training peaks. However when loaded into strava, its 182 weighted and 159 average. From first glance, a completely different ride. It would appear I road steady according to strava, but in reality it was tempo.

I suspect that everyone is the same as Strava don't appear to use the same maths as Garmin. This is worth taking into account if anyone is using Strava to analyse there power data. Its quite a bit off so should be taken with a pinch of salt. Especially if you are using anything like TSS or intensity factors.

use something like TP's or Golden cheetah (free) if you want real analysis.

Rant over.......

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Dave Truman
Steve, this might help:
If you have Smart Data Recording enabled it can mess up the NP calculation. Also you need the same FTP set on all 3 platforms.
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Thanks Dave. Will take a look. I do have smart recording turned off though.
Sam Begg
I only really use Strava for collating my training in one place, alongside the social aspect. I find Golden Cheetah the best, better than Strava Premium for analysis of power data, and it's free!
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Sam, U should try Xhale as a diary. Really good and free. It also links to your garmin account so really easy for transferring data.