Glenn and Dave Enter a Wet Tri-suit competition in Ashford

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Dave Truman
The competition had three phases: 1.9km swim, 90 km swim and 21km swim. Some people used bikes for the second swim and running shoes for the third, but it didn't help. Apparently the Owler Triathlon was going on at the same time, but we just saw a lot of very wet people shivering.
Glenn was under coach's orders to go easy on the bike. He had to go a bit faster just to stay warm. That got him 5th overall and the AG win by 1 hour 20 minutes!
In the middle of the pack, I was pleased with a few minutes improvement on overall, bike and run times from last year. 2nd in AG was ok too.
The English summer and Operation Stuck made a bit of a mess of this nice local event. It's all good training and the weather isn't always what we'd like.
Dave Truman
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