International Shirkers Day Out - Final Details


just over 2 weeks to go till the big day out and if the weather holds fine we should have a good day.

meeting points are either -

Sevenoaks Station - to catch 0606 train;
or, for those that are driving, on board the 0825 P & O ferry.
Return ferry is 1955

If you could let me know by e-mail ( if you are coming and where meeting up it would be very helpful, and also, if you could let me have your mobile number we can make contact if we get lost (remember last time ?)

bon chance


valplace's picture
Hi. Does anyone know if we can buy a direct return ticket to Calais if so how much and what time train are we catching home.
Hi Val

martin assures me that the combined ticket is available for about £27 from Sevenoaks Station.
Aiming for 2058 train home, but could be 2125 or 2158