International Shirkers Day Out - TdF 2015

A heads up for international shirkers ! -

Next year's tour is particularly un-Brit friendly not coming within 100kms of Calais and as a result the traditional "Out and back in a Day" is just not going to be possible.

As an alternative, and sticking to the "One day off work at the most" rule (some of us do have proper jobs) I reckon we can combine a night in Calais (maybe not the most glamorous of French towns, but I'm sure it will have some sort of suitable bar) with the Stage Start in Arras (maybe seeing the stars warming up by their buses and signing on for the day) and a delightful ride back through Nord Pas de Calais (stopping of for some food and wine along the way) before catching the evening ferry home.

Rough outline (subject to change when details of start times etc are released -

Tuesday 7 July -
evening ferry to Calais
cheap hotel, dinner at suitable bistro / bar

Wednesday 8 July
0906 Train to Arras, arrives 1100
1100 - 1300 In Arras, watch warm up, signing on, blag some freebies etc
1300 Stage start
1330 - 1900 five and a half hours to ride the 100kms to Calais, plenty of time for a meal and bail-out train options also available
2000 ferry back to Dover arrives 2030

if you have any thoughts / comments / suggestions alternatives please post here, or e-mail me at -

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