James & Penny's Epic Adventure

Penny Bulley
Hi all,

James and I have made a seismic shift from 10 mile TT's and sprint triathlons to an unsupported 390 mile Ireland end to end cycle in 3 1/2 days. We are cycling in recognition of the incredible achievement of my Auntie Isabel (actually first cousin once removed) who grew up with Dad during the war as an evacuee and became a keen cyclist in the early 1950's - http://www.lisburn.com/history/memories/memories-2004/queen_of_the_roads.html

Auntie Isabel held 9 records at one point and still holds 7 however we are retracing the Ireland end to end record which she set in 1955 taking 23 hours and 2 minutes to do 386 miles -an average of 16.7 mph including 6 miles of unmade road and having to stop and hand her passport in! The record held for 50 years and James, myself and several cousins are going setting off from Mizen Head in Co Cork at different times, some taking 11 days, some 6 and us 3 1/2 but all finishing together at Fair Head in Northern Ireland on 27th June. Auntie Isabel will be there at the end and Uncle Peter who supported her 60 years ago. We are raising money for Auntie Isabel's chosen charity the BOOM foundation supporting people with Sarcoma in NI. So long suffering husband, me, 2 bikes, 390 miles and 31/2 day deadline - who knows how we will get on, the challenges we will face and whether we will still be speaking to each other at the end?!? I'll let you know.

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