KSS Air Ambulance Double 100 Cycle Challenge

My company - Fidelity Investments - is sponsoring the KSS Double 100 cycle challenge in aid of Kent Air Ambulance on 28th September 2014. As such they have some complimentary places. These have not yet been filled by employees so they are offering 10 places to 'Friends and Family'. If anyone is interested please let me know. You can cycle either 100Km or 100miles and the starting point is either Redhill or Marden (they are particularly keen to have some more starters from Marden). I understand that Fidelity would pay your entry fee and they will match any sponsorship raised over and above that. I've signed up for a Marden start. Please contact me on my work e-mail ella.pyman@fil.com if you are interested in a place. http://www.kssairambulance.org.uk/involved/double100