Majorca (for the day!)

OK, I've spoken to a few people over last few days, and reckon we have enough to make this happen (and if we get a dozen or so we might be able to twist the treasurer's arm to stump up some cash for lunch!

key points -
its definitely a day trip and not a weekend, that's the whole point of it - seeing just how much you can get out of one day of your life! it also means no faffing about with hotels and clean underwear etc, easier to get other halves to agree to it, and much much cheaper flights than at the weekend

basic plan -
30 September (Wednesday)
first Easyjet flight out of LGW (0540) gets to Majorca at 0900.
taxis to Palma (3 miles) and HIRE BIKES - much cheaper and quicker than taking own so no hold luggage to delay us
ride from 1000 to 1730 in stunning mountain / coastal scenery, maybe 80 - 100k (possible route here - with stop for a decent lunch with lots of cheap spanish wine in true international shirkers style
return bikes, get dinner and 1945 Monarch flight home, sleep on the plane and back to LGW 2125

Best of all, its currently just £98 for flights (about the price of a day at Wimbledon) and about €35 for Ultegra equipped carbon fibre road bike (or €45 if you just have to have electronic shifting!)

I'm booking flights next Friday 31 July - if you get £100 to me by then I'll block book the tickets and we can all sit nicely together, otherwise book your own!

Dave L