New Club Tri Suit Review

Those of you that watch the club kit pages on the website closely will a) need to get out a bit more and b) know that we have a new club tri suit. As Simon tells me that I am one of the first members to get the new suit I thought that a review might be in order.

The club has changed supplier and the new suits come from Champion System who have been operating in the UK since 2008. Champion own their own manufacturing facilities so claim to have more control over the quality and consistency of their products. They supply loads of other clubs including Clapham Chasers, Ful-On Tri and Tri London.

Before ordering my suit I consulted the size guide on our website and was initially sceptical to find that I was a small I’m usually a medium in 2XU or Castelli, however the sizing guide was spot on and the suit was a perfect fit.

The suit is 83% polyester and 17% spandex and is machine washable, it zips at the front and has a full length zipper down to the waist which is a handy feature for gentlemen. There is also a panel inside the suit that prevents the zipper rubbing at the neck when it’s done up.

Other features include two generous rear pockets and leg grippers which worked well and were comfortable. The all important chamois in my suit is from Italian supplier Dr Pad - you would have thought that Champion would have made them at their factory in Thailand and called them Pad Thai (sorry!)

The pad in my suit is the Veloce, super light and both hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It is designed for short to middle distances and was fantastic on a 20k sprint ride, it appears from their website that Champion also offer a pad cut specifically for female riders as well. Most importantly though the pad just disappears once you start running - I’m not guaranteeing anything here but I did PB my run first time out in this suit ( does that get me the free hoodie Simon?) *.

Design wise it looks great with the black and white theme being retained and broken up by a red panel at the bottom of the left leg.

In summary a well fitting comfortable tri suit with a decent pad and excellent value for money. If you can’t get a GBR one this is the next best thing.

*sadly not - Kit rep