Ocean lake (Leybourne) 30-07-2016 3rd round of BTF club comp

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Andy Evans
Please can you enter Ocean lake sprint tri on Saturday 30th July 2016?
It's the 3rd round of the BTF south east club competition.
We are neck and neck with Epsom tri club leading the competition and this is a local event for us.
Places are limited to 100 of which 66 are already taken (17-06-2016).
If you haven't done an open water swim before, now's your chance!
It's a 750 metre swim round a big triangle in a warm lake followed by a flatish 2 lap 20k bike course and then a pan flat 5k two laps of the lake.

Please contact me if you have any queries?
Thanks, Andy
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Andy Evans
Now 18 places left (27-06-2016)
15 places left! - Currently 11 entrants from 7Oaks and only 3 from Epsom, but we have only 2 ladies which is not enough for a team. at least 1 more urgently needed!!!
Dave and Andy - I have entered.

Andy - my splits for Leeds were 28:30 / 1:17:37 / 48:25 - according to my garmins - didnt time T's - and of course finish wrong as they only stopped the clock once we all realised I'd lost my chip..... so00000000 - I think I only a minute at most slower - :) :) than you.... lost time to Cath on everything of course - but most on the swim ( even though I was towed around by Val) and transitions.
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Andy Evans
Thanks Jane.
Leeds was a disaster for me. Didn't feel well, got caught up too far back in the mele at the start of the swim, couldn't get going on the bike til Harrietsham (ask James) then could hardly run - walking in places. Ended up about 10mins down on what I should have done :¬( The year was going well up until then.
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Andy Evans
Looks like only 5 places left now...