Power2Max/ Rotor lock ring tool

Does anyone have/ know anyone that does have the lock-ring tool to fit the Power2Max type S to the Rotor 3D plus cranks?

Didn't order this with the power meter as someone told me they already have the tool - turns out they don't and now I can't fit the power meter! They only have the tool to fit the cranks to the bike, not the cranks to the power meter which are apparently different.

this is the tool;

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Neil H
My brother can lend you it once he's done - think his P2M got shipped today so will be a couple of weeks (if you can't find something before then)
thanks for the offer, need something by next thurs though so would be too late unfortunately!
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i have more than one... feel free to pop over and I'll do it for you
amazing! any chance i could borrow it this week? mechanic has my cranks and power meter at the moment for a bike fitting i'm having this week.

are you at any of the swim sessions/ where abouts are you and I could come and collect?

my number's 0775 263 723

missing a number in that, it's 07795 263 723