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I need some help, people! I currently have some 50mm race wheels and over the last year or so I've found it virtually impossible to get the tyre on and off when I've had punctures. To the point that even a bike mechanic struggles to get the tyre off/on. The thought of puncturing in a middle distance race makes me want to vomit in my mouth/cry as I know I may not actually be able to change the tyre. I have the inflatable puncture foam etc but to be honest I'd much rather have better tyres that I can easily get off/on with tyre levers.

Has anyone got advice on good/flexible race tyres? I read that the kevlar beading on folding tyres means that it makes changing tyres harder so maybe I'll go with non-folding tyres but all advice is appreciated.

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Dave Truman
Continental GP4000 seems a common racing tyre of choice. Reviews give it best balance of puncture resistance vs speed. I have no problems getting them off and on and mine were folding. That said it could be that your race wheels are the issue. Another approach is to put some tyre sealant in.
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Andy Evans
Hi Ben, I use folding Continental gatorskins (Kevlar bead) for road & TT bike. As Dave suggested, maybe it's the rim that's the issue?
Best regards, Andy
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I have conti's too on my training wheels and I can take them off easily. I would hazard a guess that its your rims. I had a similar problem with some old wheels. They were a nightmare with every tyre I tried. I ended up binning them as I would snap a tyre lever everytime I had to fix a puncture.
Thanks all. General consensus is that it's the rims not the tyres so I guess I'll have to start looking around again for new wheels!!
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I would recommend taking your wheel into a shop before you do that to try a few different tyres, just in case.