Sunday Swimming

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sally mortleman
For all who turned up to swim at 5.30pm tonight , I must appologise , as I realise I went solely on the weekly email and didnt check with the school for the first time in my role as swim rep.! This will not happen again as I have put a system in place to prevent reoccurance.
It has been suggested by one member that we make all Sundays 6-7pm. What does everyone think to this suggestion? I rather like a long Sunday swim though it can be a struggle to get to , especially in the summer months. Let me know by email or on the forum.Sally
Aplogies too from me for the weekly newsletter being the incorrect time - but as Sally says, it won't happen again!

But in terms of the swimming, I also really like the longer swims on a Sunday.
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No worries Sally. It wasn't really a problem as we got to swim from 17:30 anyway. Personally, I like the longer swim session on a Sunday. It is the only day that you can get some bigger distance in and I think that is important for members who are looking to go long.
Martin Brown told me that he would definitely be there if it was from 5.00 to 7.00. Anything less and quite frankly it's not worth his while.
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Andy Evans
I like the 90min sessions
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Oh aye, no less than 120 mins for me and plenty of kicking, because I know Jane W loves it soooo much as well:-)
Sam Begg
Bit late to the party, but when I can make them I like the extended sessions too.
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Claire Hitchings
I'd prefer a regular 60-minute swim on a Sunday. If I've done heavy bike and run sessions on Saturday and Sunday then having a further 2.5 hours away from family is a bit much.

If you look at who is left in the pool @ 7 on a 90-min session then it is only a few of us. People start heading home 6:30 onwards.

The most popular Sunday night swim sessions are 60 minutes with minimal kicking!
Like Martin, the ideal is a 2 hour session - all kicking ( with no lane rope). However as I know that would only suit a few ( Adele and Martin) then I would definitely keep the 90 mins. Some of us do races with 4000m swimming ( God forbid). Most of our club activity is geared for short - ie 10TTs. A 90 mins session allows those wanting to do less to either start later or finish earlier.
I think finish early is better etiquette than start late !
Think its important somewhere along the line to have a session over 60 mins long in the training structure, 90 mins or 120 on Sunday is OK?
We need to do more than 3km in a set somewhere throughout the year.