TDF 2016

For anyone that didn't get my e-mail on getting to see TdF next year, Im planning going over to Brittany in July to watch the Tour go by ?

Ferries are selling out fast (overnight Portsmouth - St Malo on Friday 1 July is already full) and hotels are likely to be impossible so plan is -

Friday 1 July - 2245 ferry Portsmouth to Caen, arrive 0645

Saturday 2 July - 125kms ride to Cherbourg, catching the Tour somewhere near the finish of stage 1 at Utah Beach, then 2015 Fast Ferry back to Portsmouth from Cherbourg, arrives 2215, home by midnight. there are no trains to Portsmouth so likely to be sharing cars

Obviously a bit more expensive that the traditional Dover Calais option, but no need for a hotel so all in for less than £100

please note - there is NO ONBOARD ACCOMMODATION so you will have to sleep on the floor or a reclining seat !!!

currently there's about 10 of us are interested - myself, Martin, Kim, Jo, Duncan, Omar (on a single speed), Sally, Milt, my mate Will (who came to majorca) and my workmate Craig (who's scottish, but otherwise quite a decent guy)

let me know if you are interested and I will aim to book soon

Dave L -