I just received the following email - has anyone else? Perhaps one for the committee given it was to be a part of the club championship?

"We are very sorry to have to inform you that Brave Events has ceased trading and neither of the 2014 Vachery Triathlon or XTERRA England events will now take place.

We have had to cease trading following a dispute with Surrey County Council which leaves us in the position that we are unable to deliver these events in 2014. In summary, Brave Events ran the Vachery Triathlon in 2013 on the understanding that the event was approved by the Council to run again in 2014 on the same basis (since it was not viable to run it otherwise). However the Council doesn’t now accept that position – perhaps in recognition of the highly vocal anti cycling furore from local politicians and protesters that we experienced last year – which leaves Brave Events regrettably unable to deliver these events.

It has not been possible to find a practical solution to this problem. A legal challenge would be prohibitively expensive and in any event it would not be possible to continue organising Vachery and XTERRA pending the outcome of such a challenge.

We have instructed insolvency practitioners to assist with this matter and you will be receiving communication from them shortly.

Since 2012 when we first shared our plans for a world class closed road triathlon with Surrey County Council’s Olympic Legacy Team we have worked tirelessly towards that goal. It is saddening to disappoint the triathletes, spectators and volunteers who shared our vision and contributed to the short but stunning sporting success of the Vachery Triathlon and XTERRA England."

Web reports suggest it is definitely off. Just to clarify something from my post - when I say "one for the committee", I'm not suggesting that the committee can sort out a company going bust or disputes with Surrey CC... just making them aware due to the inclusion of the event in the club championship.
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Chris, sorry for ages delay. Yes, a few of us were also entered. Brave Events have appointed administrators, bust due to Surrey CC being difficult about cyclists using their roads again apparently. Good summary on 220Tri. If you paid by credit card, get them to refund and chase the liquidator. Mark E