Val goes long! Ironman uk report

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Ironman uk
After 6 months of training it's all over or so i thought!
The race build up all went to plan and there I was standing waiting to enter the water. This year it was a rolling start so placing myself at the back of the 1-10 pace pen we started moving forward and crossed the timing mat then it was find a place and jump in. 1900m then out run across timing mat run a loop of about 60 m then jump back in and do it again.
On the last 400m I could feel the rain hitting my head torrential - Bolton not known for good weather but July!
Out and a long run into the tent put on all my clothing waterproof arm warmers, gillet, gloves, calf warmers helmet but no point in putting Visor down as it was dark and pouring down.
35th lady out of swim but already the mud from transition was deep and slippy worse nightmare roll on 112 miles. Was thinking how much Iiked the cranbrook sprint!!
Onwards and indeed upwards to the famous Sheep House Lane which although steep I had trained for it so felt fine very windy on the top and driving rain steep descents with flowers shirts and water bottles where past cyclist have gone over the edge! Took it slow and careful wanted to finish this upright! Nearing the end of first lap was a cheeky hill called Hunters hill this was lined from bottom to top with people cheering and partying lifting spirits great atmosphere but very steep. This is when it stopped raning for a while and I started to feel warm. Ready for lap 2.
T1 i was only 1 minute ahead of the next lady in my age group at this stage and running is not my strongest discipline!! weather now sunny stripped off my layers grabbed 2 gels and off I went looked down at watch to see my pace and battery run out! Great now I am lost! So after the initial hills a nice flat 4 miles along a river kept asking preople what pace they were running and found someone I could run behind. Then it was 3.45 loops into town 3miles up 3miles down.
My supporters were near the finish and lap point so shouted that i was 4 mins ahead after 1st lap ! 3 more laps kept going keeping same pace, keeping good run form and eventually I was on the red carpet where I saw my supporters screaming you won you did it! It was a great moment had the finish line to myself with the next lady 19 minutes behind, had no idea of time or even time of day! Turns out 12.38. 1.09 swim 6.50 bike and 4.15 marathon! Which now means I qualified for worlds and am off to Hawaii to do it all again minus the rain!
Into tent for a well deserved massage, pizza and a cup of tea !

So if you love hills rain and running up and down loops Boltons the one for you! I can give you all the details!

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Andy Evans
Smashing effort! Well done Val!
Absolutely amazing effort! Roll on IM Wales, but wish I could have been in Bolton too!