World Championships Qualification

Fortuitously I have qualified for the Olympic Distance World Championship in Chicago in September (45-49 age group).

The Dambuster last Saturday was my first Olympic race for over 3 years but I managed a PB of 2h19m.

My swim was expectedly poor given only one open water swim this year (just under 29m) but a solid bike of 1h10m (average watts 270 and was just getting going when 40k was done - quite a change from ironman) and fast run 38m (on back of marathon training) meant that I finished 14th in my age group. This was good enough for a roll down place - this is based on % compared to age group winner and in this exceptional circumstance it was compared to second place because the winner was 6 minutes faster than second place - a little known GB age group rule that gives the age group manager the power to make the change (but I'm not complaining).

So I now have an incentive to attend my first club swim session of the year (actually of the last 4 years)!

Well done Alistair. I am also on the roll down list for sprint distance (40-44). Have another 2 weeks or so to find out. Cheers Marcus