Let me know what you think about the new site HERE

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All comment and suggestions welcome!

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I have made some changes. Very easy to use. Like the clean uncluttered pages
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Not clear how to add a diary event. When I click edit it looks like I can change the look and feel of the page rather than just add an event
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click the add content button at the top, select a diary entry. The title and desctiption need filling in, as does the event type drop down. The important part is the date (under authoring options)... select the date/time of the event there.
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Mike Wake
First reaction – a much improved new look, cleaner and easier to navigate. Well done, guys.
Going forward, could I suggest that to encourage both members and non-members to see the site to as desirable regular go-to, the front page could usefully become an active news page, with both intra-Club and extra-Club headlines?
The former might be hot-off-the-press members results, etc. as they come in (without waiting for full stories, which can come later or be linked to elsewhere), Club announcements of appointments, policy changes, meetings, etc.. The latter might be news snippets and links from the outside world, whether major triathlon results or announcements such as the recent Ironman Worlds results, interesting news from the BTF or related bodies such as British Swimming (the recent announcement of an Open Water coaching qualification is an example), in fact anything which might be of interest to triathletes. All with photos wherever possible (even if from “stock”).
Easy for me to say, of course. But just a thought
Thanks Dan. Have now put a diary entry in.
Are we going to have a sponsors page like the current website and are we still receiving some kind of club/race sponsorship from the companies whose logo's we are showing on the new site?
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Looks great guys! Agree with all the feedback. I tried to modify some text but did not
Succeed - probably me needing an IT lesson! Well done. Tony
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Just done some mods using my iPhone - that is top draw!
Sam / Dan really like the new site well done, easy to navigate and pretty intuitive. Couple of observations / suggestions:

7Oaks Aquathlon
Breadcrumb on 7Oaks Aquathlon page to Our Events does not work.
Sponsors logos: should we have links to their websites?
About Us
Perhaps consider moving the Training Sessions section out of ‘About us’ and into the ‘Join Us’ section.
Committee Members page
Couple of typos:
Huw – should be Treasurer
New member rep – Altaf Ahmed
Donna Shepherd – Welfare rep
Join Us
For information about joining the club and training standards change the e-mail address from club secretary to New Member rep.
The link to pool etiquette on this page does not work
Members’ area
When I attempted to login to the Members area I got the following message:
Error message
• Notice: date_default_timezone_set() [function.date-default-timezone-set]: Timezone ID '-18000' is invalid in drupal_session_regenerate() (line 412 of /var/sites/s/sevenoakstriclub.co.uk/public_html/includes/session.inc).
• Notice: date_default_timezone_set() [function.date-default-timezone-set]: Timezone ID '-18000' is invalid in drupal_session_initialize() (line 273 of /var/sites/s/sevenoakstriclub.co.uk/public_html/includes/session.inc).
Sponsor logos for Bat & Ball and Knocker & Fossett very difficult to read
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Mike Wake
A brief extra point. Since the introductory para on the front page mentions that members take part in running, swimming and cycling events, could it also list the relevant affiliations (e.g. the ASA)?
Samdan (for you are now one!)
Thanks both for all your hard work - I love the clean look
A couple of things to add to those already mentioned
- Can we change the font on the home page so it looks more consistent - maybe i am being a bit OCD but I think there are 4 different ones being used and it does rather subtract from what on the whole looks like a great page
- more pics on the front page please!
- could we change the date format to dd/mm/yy for old timers like myself?
- Sponsors: I think we need to be more consistent (not your fault). We do not have any general club sponsors only race sponsors so these should only appear on the relevant race page: this would make the front page even better or give us teh opportunity to maybe add club sponsors at a future stage. At the very least the powerbar logo should be at the bottom of the page
- I think the first para under the swim page (about 7oakstri swim club should go to the end - it looks confusing to refer to the swim club, have Anns contact details and then have david's picture!
- We want the forum used as much as possible. Would it be possible to have the forum topics (as in just the table) on the front page to encourage members to click through?
- Race results need updating with 2013
- I cant see the add content function in the diary
- Assume minutes etc will appear under Admin
- We should add the cycling etiquette to the cycle page
- Link to join race mailing list does not work
Hope this is helpful and again many thanks - I know how much work this has been!
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Thanks - I will collate all the comments and make an action list! Sam
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Dave Truman
Great job. Clean, modern, very fashionable, Amazon like UI. The diary is now behind the membership wall, which is probably a good idea.
I am using an iPad and I am getting the "default time zone" error message mentioned above on nearly all pages.
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Dave Truman
......and, the diary doesn't work at all. Just the same time zone error.
Hi Sam - the website has a great look and feel - really great makeover. I've had a bit of a browse and as I have my 7Oaks Triathlon 2014 head on at the moment I looked at those pages/links and have a few comments. Thank you for changing the wording on the first two lines so that it refers to 2014.

Link to the mailing list click 'here' doesn't work - i.e. no hyperlink.
The text refers to information being on the right hand side of the page - it's now on the left...
Race results do not include 2013
Competitor Info - could we put some text on to say that it's issued in the two weeks before the race?
Course details - transition area map link includes a letter from Sevenoaks District Council which I guess we probably don't need in there.
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Looks really good, well done!
The only suggestions I have are for links to a results and news archive page but I think others have also made this point.
Not sure if the results should be on the members side so we have to log in to see them? I suppose it all depends on how much you want members to log in each time or if we think non members should be able to see our results
Looks good.
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Dave Truman
Looks like most of the members' content is viewable without login. Is that intentional? Diary, forum etc...