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Despite having being a member for over a year now I have to admit I still struggle to remember names! It might be useful to have a gallery of members in the members section - could even do user profiles if people want to submit more information?
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Very good point Will I have the same problem and I've been a member for 3 years. We are intending on starting a gallery and it might be a good idea to increase the profile information.

But as a first step I would encourage members to put a close-up picture of themselves on their profiles. If you are having trouble finding a good close-up send me a picture which I can zoom in and resize for you.

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Lapsed triathlete, now just a pointy head with occasional pool visits and a complete aversion to trainers
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sally mortleman
Sprint , crosstri and tt member who has had a very good year thanks to my new bike and club coach Neil.Best races are where there's hills and mud!I love getting dirty!
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Andy Evans
I had this crazy idea of doing 7oaks triathlon in 2003 - I've been running and cycling up and down hills ever since!
I'm not sure where the finish line is...
ex-motorcycle road racer and musician - I did play in a band at the 7oaks tri club awards night one year :¬)
Winner of the 2013 funniest moment award - "The first time I've received an award for getting my chopper out!"