Swim sets for 3, 4, 6 and 8 December

Can be found here. Please note - 100m time trial on Wednesday.

This week as part of Wednesday’s session at Walthamstow Hall we’ll be running a 100m time trial. Many of our training sets include 100m repeats or use 100m PBs as a basis, and this is an opportunity to add a 100m PB to your swimming palmares and use it for managing your effort.

Some of us already have 800 times recorded, and this chart is a rough guide to PBs at other distances. There’s nothing like the real thing, though, and over the next few weeks there’ll be opportunities to add 200 and 400 times to complete the set, and an 800 to bring that up to date as well.

And if you’d like to fill any of the gaps in your PB set, and fancy having a go under race conditions, with electronic timing and all the trimmings, those nice people over at the ASA South East Region are holding their Long Course Masters (Age-Group in Tri language) event at Crawley on 1/2 February 2014 (details here), just in time for the new season. There are races at all 4 distances, and once registered for this event you’ll be eligible for all other ASA races, including open water events, for 2014.

Anne Raymond (at the pool or at swimsec@7oakstriclub.co.uk) can fill you in on how to get registered and entered.