The Good the Bad and the Ugly at Cyclopark Duathlon 1 December 2013

The Good the Bad and the Ugly at Cyclopark Duathlon 1 December 2013

A really well run local event. Great value. 6km run, 20km bike, 3.5km run. The track surface is really smooth and the corners are fast. You only really need to brake on a couple of them if it’s dry.

Bridge Triathlon gave all the proceeds of the race to the Dartford Foodbank and even gave every competitor a free Christmas Pudding. So far it was all good.

Speedy Sam Begg was also in the race. He lined up near the front and set a blistering pace. I think he was in 2nd after T1. I was, shall we say, further back. Then the bad. Coming out of one of the corners on the 2nd lap, I put what little power I have  through the pedals and PING. One of the spokes in my rear wheel snapped. With a very low spoke count and high tension, it threw the rim into the brakes and the bike was un-rideable. Worse I was as far as you can get from Transition and had a kilometer walk in cleats with the bike over my shoulder to reflect on my misfortune.

After I’d changed I waited for Sam to come into T2. He was in 4th or 5th by now. His face was as white as his shirt and his form looked pretty ugly. It turns out that he had been persuaded to go clubbing on Saturday night and only got to bed at 4am ! I don’t think that really counts as a taper. Under the circumstances he did really well to hold onto 5th in a time of 1:14:53.


Dave Truman