Ironman Lanzarote, Alastair Moffatt

Survived but it was tough...11h slowest ironman but heat and hills are a brutal combination

Swim of 1h 15m was the same time that I swim 3.8k in the pool so hoped for benefits of wetsuit buoyancy and drafting were counteracted by beach start, collisions and going off course on the first loop.

The bike was suitably hard, as expected (6h exactly averaging 200 watts). Wind wasn't too strong so could have been even worse.

2nd in my age group for T2 so at least a PB for a transition!

The run was then a fight with the chimp on my shoulder telling me to walk - kept him at bay for first 2 loops (32 k) but then adopted run walk strategy for first time - resulting in 60mins for last 10k.  Back muscles strangely were first to give in so adopted hunched up shuffle down the finishing chute.

Overall 32nd in my age group so OK relative to others (top 10% - looking for reassurance in statistics).

Never again.  But I've entered Ironman Sweden in August where highest point on bike course is 25m (not 550) so just one more go!