Compare & Contrast – BTF National Middle Distance Champs vs IM UK 70.3

Grafman BTF National Champs - June 8th V IM UK 70.3 – Wimbleball  June 15th 

Interesting experience to do back to back middles ( half Ironman for the pumped up name) – one in sunny Cambridgeshire (Grafman) and the other in sunny Exmoor (Wimbleball). The former was rolling and fast and the latter was all hills ( except the water which was over populated as 1700 competitors).

My time at Wimbleball was 54 mins slower which highlights the difference in the terrain - and I was in top 20% of all finishers. I did enjoy Grafman but IM UK 70.3 was a much more exciting and fun event. Steve Walker did very well in Grafman as noted in a separate report and swim coach Tom bravely finished his first tri at the distance despite a run injury and with the expected super swim.  If you haven’t tried an IM event – there is a lot of hype; they are expensive but they are much more theatrical events – lots of music and pumping commentary. They also treat you well as athletes – well organised food stops, female specific finisher t-shirts, well marshalled and signposted routes. The good news for those of you put off by the reputation of Wimbleball for hills ( like doing Ide Hill and Hubbards Hill 7 x) and the run is like going up Hubbards 3 x and then up and around in the woods in Bayleys – there will be a second IM UK 70.3 in 2015 on a flat and fast course – TBA.

Jane Wiley

Race Total AG Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Pos-women
Grafman 5:10:03 1 39:36 1:38 2:40:01 1:26 1:47:22 17/100
IM UK 70.3 Wimbleball 6:04:16 1 38:52   3:22:56   1:54:38 31/289

Wimbleball results

Grafman results