Brett Ashford Aquabike - Standard Distance

As well as the Triathlon at Ashford last Sunday there was another event going on that Charlie did despite suffering with a sore backside, here is his take on it -

"You may not be aware that there was also a “Premier League” event that day – the Brett Ashford Aquabike (aka “Crock-athon”). This gave me the opportunity to beat Neil Harris by about half an hour……

I wasn’t sure if this would be made up of Olympic swimmers or old “crocks” – it seemed to be the latter (although some of them could swim a bit too), and 7oaks Tri were well represented. I coincidentally met James Baker over an 8am pint of Guinness the day before, watching the rugby at 7oaks rugby club (elite athlete preparation). He was going to do the Tri but not run (dodgy foot I think) and wasn’t aware of the Aquabike option, and the organisers were good enough to switch his entry over on Saturday. Clive Bradburn was also there (not sure of ailment) and me (flaccid-buttock-itis, aka upper hamstring tendinopathy). Lots of discussion in transition along the lines of “it’s a long way back from the lake on me arthritic knees….

So basically – it was the Tri but without the run. We started in the second wave with the women, which gave me the opportunity to try to keep up with Cath Linney for a couple of buoys before chucking in the swim hat, then a quick blast around the bike course (slightly cautiously in my case after a cortisone injection in said buttock on Wednesday). Then all you needed to do was rack your bike then hobble 10 yards over the finish line. Most civilized. Gave me time for a nice cup of tea before any of the triathletes finished (although I did bump into an off-course dishevelled-looking chairman (can you look dishevelled with no hair?) who had had to stop for a poo!))"

Charlie Mortleman

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