Aberfeldy Middle Distance - British and Scottish Championships on 17 August

I was looking forward to spectacular scenery and feared treacherous weather conditions – and got both in spades. Aberfeldy , is surrounded by the type of lakes, trees, rivers and mountains you see in Whiskey ads – because it is Whiskey country. A reason for my husband to drive us there. I’m tempted to just lift the winner’s blog to share that we all had the same fears. The swim started in rain  - Loch Tay was a cold 14 degrees – and winds caused huge swells blowing many of us off course – only to turn at a buoy and the sun teased us by coming out to block any siting. I just looked where others were looking and followed them – we were all slow then. Cycling in the rain was always going to be a problem – with ribs barely recovered after a recent wet crash. We had steep climbs and descents and it took me until the second half to get my mojo and start to pass people. The wind was gusting at 60 mph – I had 3 terrifying wobbles – 2 on a steep descent. The run was always going to be a breeze – although we had sun/rain/sun. Nowhere else in the world would a triathlete be met with a mounds of Mars bars and shortbread biscuits – and the now ubiquitous pint of erdinger lager. Hats off to the race director – closest yet to an IM quality event in terms of organisation. Pleased to win my age group and finish well in the other vets categories.

Jane Wiley

1st - Fraser Cartmell (Stirling Triathlon Club) 4:16:22

1st - Nikki Bartlett (unattached) 4:49:41

1st F55-59 - Jane Wiley (7oaks Tri) 5:54:23 

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