Ironman Kalmar - cobbles and cannons

I was at Ironman Kalmar on Saturday to support my wife who was doing her first Ironman race but I managed to leave my four kids in the hotel and joined in too.

I managed a 10.25.02 primarily on the back of my Ironman Lanzarote training as my feet had been injured for a month after that so my running had been curtailed.

1.14 swim
5.17 bike
3.45 run

21st in M45-49 age group so relatively better performance than Lanzarote (31st) but still way off the Hawaii pace - 5 slots in M45-49 and 5th fastest was 9.41 so sadly no time off work needed in October.

However plenty to celebrate as my wife (Jane McMenemy) made a very impressive debut of 13.24.

Features of the race for those who may be interested for future reference:
- rolling swim start (line up based on expected time and time starts when you cross the timing mat on entering the sea which made for less congestion and a more relaxing if no faster swim)
- flat bike hence fast bike splits (my watts were similar to Lanza just over 200 average but for 45 mins less)
- 3 loop run with approx 9k on cobbled streets (which was painful if like me you have Achilles issues)
- lots of support (and opportunities to check the kids were ok)
- well organised with good attention to the finer details (eg round neck finisher t- shirt!)
Overall in my ranking better than Bolton and Lanzarote on a par with Austria and only beaten by Roth)

Here's team Moffatt at Kalmar Castle after the event

(Alastair Moffatt)