Estonia 1:1:1

Val Place and Debbie Munton moved into new territory by participating in a 1:1;1 race in Estonia on 1st August. This was a 1K swim, 100K bike and a 10K run. The race was in Otepaai, a 2 hour drive south from Tallin and organised by the well known Estonian Ironman Triathlete Ain Alar Johansen

Race day was very civilised with an 11am start but the weather was hot and humid ( the hottest summer for 100 years)

The setting was beautiful, the lake clean, warm and a 200m stroll from our hotel room. The swim was frustrating as the main stroke in Estonia appeared to be breaststroke, and although some were swimming at a good pace we received many kicks and wallops.

The bike route was undulating with a couple of cheeky hills on each lap. Nothing had prepared us for the run however which was was brutally hilly and very hot (32C). We consoled ourselves when we saw the fastest lady pro’s run time was 49 minutes.

Good results - Val was 9th lady overall and 1st in AG, Debbie 14th overall and 1st in AG.( 50 ladies and 500 athletes in total)


Race done - Time for fun.

After a very late night in the local night club we struggled to dismantle our bikes the following morning in the humid heat. At 10.30am we set off for Tallinn where Val had booked us into a wonderful hotel, it seemed churlish to decline a welcoming drink and so the show rolled on.

Tallinn was wonderful, a beautiful walled city and the residents were charming. We had a lot of fun and a bit of culture to boot.

If any-one is interested in details for next season contact

Debbie Munton