Cycling in Sevenoaks - a chance to show your support

Dear friends
Whether or not you are a Sevenoaks Cycle Forum supporter, please pass this message on to your cyclist friends and contacts.

We need your support to come along to a local government meeting on cycling next Tuesday September 16 at 7 p.m at the district council offices, Argyle Road.   The quarterly meeting of the Joint Transportation Board has a debate on cycling scheduled, and it is vital that as many cyclists as possible take up the public seats to back up our representatives and support for making Sevenoaks a cycle-friendly place. A steep rise in cycle casualties in the district in 2013 underlines the urgency of changing the status quo.
The Board (a committee that includes all the county councillors and some district councillors from Sevenoaks district, plus officers from Kent Highways) is reviewing progress on implementing the district cycle strategy approved in 2012.  In fact, there has been frustratingly little progress, apart from the appearance of some cycle racks in Sevenoaks town centre.  Both councils seem to have been quite happy to let the strategy gather dust, and our regular dialogue on cycling with them has collapsed. County Councillor Margaret Crabtree has greatly helped us by putting this on the agenda.  We want the JTB to set up a working group on cycling that will restore dialogue, work on implementing the routes set out in the strategy, and develop it further.  To persuade councillors, we need to show them there is a real groundswell of support for cycling that goes beyond the usual two or three suspects.   So please try to come!
Sevenoaks Cycle Forum