European Long Distance Triathlon Championship 2014

Challenge Almere claims to host the second oldest triathlon in the world (after Hawaii). The 2014 edition was also the ETU Long Distance Triathlon Championship over ironman distance. Almere is around 20km east of Amsterdam and a 4 hour drive from Calais. Consequently there was a big team from GB. On a still day this would have been a really fast course. The bike route was entirely on closed roads which were mostly much smoother than we are used to in Kent.
I suppose the number of wind turbines we saw as we approached the city should have been a clue. It wasn't a still day! One third of the bike was into a 40km/h headwind. That meant another third had a huge tailwind and the remainder was crosswinds. My family came over to support and they, together with the many other GB supporters, were amazing. Easily out cheering any other nation - including the hosts.
In 2015 the ETU Long Course Championship is at Challenge Weymouth. So if you have raced half ironman or longer this year you have a good chance of qualifying to fly the flag.
My race went quite well and I managed 12:46. A 1 hour 13 minute PB. 44/70 in Age Group.
Dave Truman