Barcelona 70.3 report (and another 7Oaks Age Group win!)

I entered this race knowing little about it as it is a new IM event and a new course.  A few of us did a bike recce the day before the race (better late than never) ... all of us on the bus fell silent after about 10mins....steep climbs that went on and on. The bus was too big to get down the other side – so we had to back down to turnaround. I saw the descent on race day... for those of you frequently are caught behind me on a descent, you can imagine the hundreds behind me at the top of this descent and the start of a 1.5 kms of hair pin bends – they all whizzed past me. By descent #2,  I was much more comfortable and had caught up some of those who had passed me earlier.

The swim was beautiful – warm, coastal swim in the Mediterranean.

Enjoyed a run sprint along the impressive finish to the announcer saying I’d won my age category.  Amused to see I was fastest lady over the age group below too .  The times – like similar races in Wimbleball and Lanzarotte were relatively slow. Lots of debate amongst fellow competitors as to which is harder – but all agree that each of these 3 races have very technical bike courses. Most impressed by a lady from the USA who was the first age grouper ( male or female) – and she is 46 years old. Camille Pederson won  - and she was in a coma for 3 weeks in 2013, after a serious bike crash !  GB ladies Lucy Gossage and Parys Edwards were 2nd and 3rd respectively. Jan Frodeno was the winning man – a stalwart of Olympic distance racing but fast becoming one of the best long course racers in the world.  


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Well done Jane for flying the flag yet again.