Canterbury Triathlon Race Report

by Clive Bradburn

I am afraid my Age Group win at the Canterbury Tri yesterday cannot compare to recent achievements amongst club members especially Jane at the World Championships! However, as I believe I was the only club member at Canterbury I thought I would mention it for the benefit of those of us competing more locally at present. Worth mentioning, it is a Velocity event and once again entry was free to those of us over 65 yrs! This has certainly attracted a few more oldies out of their armchairs. The venue was moved this year to Simon Langton School and it provided a nice circular route bike ride with a mainly off road run through fields and lovely scenery. The school pool is small with no fixings for lane ropes so they had to be held in place with weights and sandbags. As we had to swim under the ropes to change lanes, we were all asked to be careful not to pull the ropes as that would bring the sandbags down on top of swimmers!

The event started with the first athlete in at 7.00am. As I submitted a reasonably fast swim time, my start was 8.40 which towards the end of the 200 competitors. Normally this is not a problem other that the embarrassment of watching the younger ones speed past on their bikes. Unfortunately, all of my age group started and most finished, in dry conditions. The heavens opened at 8.30 and continued throughout my race. T1 was awash on swim exit and despite covering my shoes with the towel, they were full of water. Fortunately, the road was in reasonable condition with minimal potholes but on the hills it was like riding up a waterfall. I was pleased to get back to T2 without a puncture or a fall although I think there were a couple of nasty falls and certainly some punctures. On the run the paths through the fields had become a quagmire, with mud hanging on shoes and slipping and sliding all the way.

Despite all that I was pleased to win my AG particularly as there were a few more entries thanks to the free entry system. All being well I will do the Bodium Castle event in September, even though I am not looking forward to the chance of being swallowed whole by the giant carp in the mote!