Report from David Skrobanek from his first 1/2 IM in Marlow.

by David Skrobanek

On Sunday I participated on my first ever Half distance triathlon. The place I chose was great – Marlow. I read a lot of good reviews and I am happy to confirm that it was very well organized and friendly race in a beautiful countryside alongside the Thames river. Also very family friendly, which those who know me know, that it is very important for me.

The race itself went quite well for me. 1.9k swim in the river in 33:40mins (In reality 2.1k due to my poor spotting) was more less in expected time and put me in decent position for the bike. Not sure why I expected the bike course to be flat but it certainly was not. Nevertheless steady hills fit me well so I can't complain. A very interesting was that there was an unfinished road work on the course with traffic lights. If you were unlucky you had to stop and wait for the green light. This of course happened to me both directions. Normally you don't talk to other competitors but this was kind of social gathering as about 15 of us got stuck there for about 2 minutes. Luckily they deducted the time from the finish time. I enjoyed the bike leg very much and completed 87km course in 2hrs35mins which was by far faster than expected. Seeing only few bikes in transition only confirmed my feeling that it wasn't bad ride. Unfortunately for me there is still 3rd discipline in triathlon.

Four 5k laps were mainly flat but 2kms were on very uneven country road, which my legs hated by all means and cramps were attacking me despite good nutrition. 1hr52mins for 20k wasn't certainly my best and crowds of faster runners were passing me. Support of my family and friends got me to the finish in surprisingly good overall time 5hrs 3mins, which meant 5th place in my age group, 39th overall.

Another Half Ironman planned for mid August in beautiful city of Prague. Already looking forward to the pain :-)