Four more Inter-Club TTs to go! UPDATED

GS Avanti - 414, 7Oaks Tri 382 and Sydenham Wheelers 374 - We need points and every rider we have will secure at least one point for the cause.

This Saturday (22/8) on the Isle of Grain. Starts at 3.00pm. Parking is normally in Power Station Road, off Grain Road a short ride from the start/finish. Course details are in the club diary - 10 miles. Martin and Tony will be there organising things. A fairly flat course with just one short climb out and back although the wind does tend to blow a bit down there. Not much traffic. Ideal course for a first attempt and no chance of getting lost. 
Saturday 29 August, starts at 9.00am. Hilly 21 mile TT, two loops, one goes up Hubbards Hill and the next shorter loop will take you up Bayleys Hill. Course details are in the club diary. Organising club - Sydenham. 
Parking is possible right next to the start/finish.
Saturday 5 September, starts at 7.15am. A21, Tonbridge bypass. Probably the fastest 10 course in Kent so a fair chance for a PB. A busy road even early on a Saturday morning but no traffic joining from slip roads to worry about. A very fast downhill start to set you on your way down to the A21. GS Avanti are running this one and parking is possible in the layby/slip road across the road from the start. We had two events scheduled for this in 2015 but had to cancel in May due to the road being closed for several hours. Course details are in the club diary. 
Final event on 12 September, starts at 8.00am. It's a 4 up team TT where a minimum of 3 out of the 4 riders in the team need to finish to score. Teams will probably go off on 2 minute intervals as last year. Again course details are in the diary, it's an undulating 15 miles. The start is on the A20 near Leeds Castle and you follow the road to turn at Charing roundabout to finish almost opposite the start. We have booked Harrietsham Village hall for parking, refreshments and presentation of the trophy, which is a 15 minute ride from the start. We are running this one and teams are being formed already. Last year we had 4 7Oaks teams taking part and this year it looks like we are likely to have more which is encouraging as we will need the points. 
Five definite teams so far that I know about - 
  • Martin Brown, Neil McInerney, Chris Hansen and Andy Ten-Broeke 
  • Stephen Searby, James Bulley, Sam Bennett and Olly Hatfield
  • Steve Walker, Neil Harris, Dan Goscomb and Sam Begg 
  • Andy Evans, Jon Hollidge, Mike Turner and Peter Conway
  • Sally Mortleman, Jo Stephens Smith, Duncan Cochrane, Dave Lobley
  • Val Place, .......... Yon Marsh, Nick Anderton
We need more riders though as points are quadrupled for this one.
If you don't fancy riding please feel free to offer your services by marshalling. At the moment we have Janice Bailey who has offered but could do with 2 or 3 more.
If you would like to ride but aren't sure who with just email me - and we'll try and arrange a team.