Velocity Events Tri & Weir Wood Swim event

Velocity Events end of season race/BBQ

On Sunday 4th October Mike Hawkins organised a Sprint Tri followed by a BBQ at the water sports centre at Lydd. This was free to athletes who had accumulated enough points in his race series in 2015. Others could pay (that was me but well worth it)

A lake swim in October can be a bit cold but the sun shone and the weather for the race was wonderful.

We BBQ'd by the lake in the autumn sun wearing T-shirts and shorts.


Velocity Event races are close to 7oaks (an hour's drive) and cheap. The events are low key, friendly and fun. Any member looking for good value racing should enter some of their races in 2016.


Best club result - 3rd overall - Glenn Karpeta


Weir Wood 4K open water charlty swim


Another glorious  day on Friday 9th October for the 4K swim at Weir Wood.


Surrounded by hard core open water swimmers, i felt underdressed as i spotted webbed gloves, fins, booties (admit I was wearing these), snorkels and neoprene hats. The course was one loop with only 4 buoys as markers - quite hard technically.  The far end of the reservoir was very cold and at the turn around I  spent the rest of the swim dreaming of the flask of hot chocolate i had brought with me.


This was a fund raiser to pay for a boat with wheelchairs access..


It was a great event with a fantastic result for Glenn Karpeta who was first out the water.