KFL Oxleas wood cross country results

If you were holding a kite at the start of Sunday's cross country race, you would have taken the lead very quickly, at least for the first 200m! There were 27 Sevenoaks ac runners, of which there were only four 7oaks tri members. On a 2 lap, 5.5 mile, muddy course, which is reckoned to be the toughest of the seven race series even without the high winds on the day, James Mason of Sevenoaks AC team won the race in a field of over 400 runners from Kent running clubs. Once again, Cath Linney led the Sevenoaks women's team home and is leading the W45 league.

SAC team at Oxleas

113 102 Shaun Mullen 39 39:22 Sevenoaks AC 65.88
121 10 Cath Linney 46 39:45 Sevenoaks AC 93.08
133 119 Allan McPherson 29 40:35 Sevenoaks AC 60.14
189 163 Andy Evans 45 42:59 Sevenoaks AC 45.27

The Kent Fitness League is a series of cross-country races between 18 registered Athletics Clubs in Kent. Any number of club members can compete, but 10 are needed to score in the team competition – 7 men (of whom two must be over 50 and one over 40) and 3 women (of whom one must be over 45 and one over 35). The next race in the series will be at Nurstead Court near Meopham on Sunday December 20th, starting at 11.00.

The full results are here.