Invitation to assist in Triathlete study

Hi All,

We received this request to help with a study into triathletes injury treatment choices - just a questionnaire, so please help if you can.


Dear members,

I am a fifth year student at the London School Of Osteopathy. I am writing to ask for your assistance as part of a research project that I am carrying out as part of a Bachelor’s level dissertation.

If you would like to assist me then please read on.

Title of the Project:
Triathletes’ treatment choices for musculoskeletal injury: a retrospective questionnaire based study.

Due to triathlon’s increasing popularity (British Triathlon 2015) and the potential musculoskeletal injuries involved in endurance sports, the researcher has identified the value in researching factors that influence a triathlete’s choice of treatment. 

The hopeful outcome is that this research will aid osteopaths and other healthcare professionals in developing a more focused marketing strategy and to develop awareness of osteopathy within the world of triathlon as a primary healthcare option.

In order for me to obtain as many responses as possible please could you complete this survey: and download and complete this participant information sheet (to return to the email at the bottom of this message).

The above URL link will lead the triathletes to an online survey questionnaire that consists of 15 questions and should take approximately ten minutes to complete.

Full ethics approval has been obtained from the Faculty Research Ethics Panel within the Faculty of Medical Science at Anglia Ruskin University.

Please contact me and send completed particpant information sheets to:

Kind Regards

Alexander Marek