Cycling Update from Glenda

For those who don't know me, I have just taken over the role of club cycle rep from Tony Lamoury. They are difficult bike shoes to fill as we have a great history in the 7 Oaks Tri Club of excellent cycling but I thought I would do a quick update on where we are and a few thoughts on what we are planning. Dave Truman is organising the TT series and is also leading the new, slower Saturday ride so he and I will be working closely together on all things cycling related. There is a note from Dave below on the TT programme.

Firstly, we want to get more rides going so there are weekend group rides to suit everyone. We already have the Saturday Inter ride and the Sunday fast ride but want to add an easier Saturday ride and depending on the uptake, a slightly longer Sunday endurance ride to help you build those base training miles.  I am also looking at organising some one off rides like trips to the coast and skills training sessions if we have enough interest. Look out for these on the weekly newsletter and the 7oaks Tri Club Rides Facebook page.

To make sure these rides have the right degree of challenge and are fun and safe for all, we are planning to have a more disciplined approach to leading rides and to following good group riding etiquette. This means everyone should get a great ride, stay safe and that we don't aggravate the car driving population of Kent. The first step in this will be to train ride leaders. More on this soon. 

We have applied for the Club to have a 2 hour coached session at Lee Valley Velodrome. This is likely to be a Saturday morning in the next few months and as soon as we have confirmation of the date/time it will be in the newsletter with places offered on a first come, first served basis. A great opportunity to try track cycling at a subsidised cost and those who have participated before have thoroughly recommended it.

A word on cycle related communication going forward. We will use the weekly newsletter and the 7oaks Tri Club Rides Facebook page. The Facebook page will only be used to communicate weekly ride information like meeting points, times and routes so please don't post anything else on it. If you aren't already a member of this page you can contact Martin Brown who is the group admin.

Please feel free to email me on any of the above or cycling issues you feel strongly about on
And a note from Dave on the TT's: 

The inter club time trials will run as usual from April 2nd to September 10th. There are 22 TTs in total. 2 2-ups and a 4-up. There are also 2 longer hilly routes. The 10 mile courses vary from pan flat and fast to varied and quite hilly. And they are free for club members ! In previous years we have always had a good turn out for these events and we’d love to see that continue. Dave Truman has taken over the lead organising the 7 events 7OaksTri is responsible for. Neil, Martin and Tony will all still be heavily involved and the events should run much the same. We will need help marshalling our events, so we will be putting the call out a few weeks in advance of each one. If you want to do the TTs, please put your hand up to marshall. Put simply, without marshals we can’t run the events. If we can’t run our events, the series will fail (or we will be asked to leave).
If you haven’t done a TT before, you really should. They are a great way to find out what you can do. They’re good fun. Not that serious at the middle/back of the pack and a good way to be part of the club. If you’re at all unsure, contact me and we’ll help you do your first one. After that, I guarantee you’ll be back for more!


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Great thanks Glenda.
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Thanks to both of you for taking on these roles!