KCA 3UP Team Time Trial results

I must admit that when I was scraping the ice off the car in the dark at 05:30 on Sunday morning I was wondering 'why on earth am I doing this?' It was actually a bright morning once the sun had come up and wearing plenty of long cycling kit (not skin suit!) it was only the nose and ears that felt it.

Jon Hollidge arrived with a stinking cold and Charlie looked less than enthusiastic but once we were out on the road, we were working together well as a team which was enjoyable, especially when the sun was shining on the return leg.

Congratulations to Ten-broeke, Hansen & Harris for coming 2nd. It's hard to imagine anyone being able to beat them but perhaps the earlier start time of the winning team was in their favour?

  73 Neil Harris 7oaks Tri Club  
2 74 Andrew Ten-Broeke 7oaks Tri Club 00:56:54
  75 Chris Hansen 7oaks Tri Club  
  64 Stephen Searby 7oaks Tri Club  
17 65 Martin Brown 7oaks Tri Club 01:03:36
  66 Neil McInerey 7oaks Tri Club  
  97 Sam Bennett 7oaks Tri Club  
20 98 Oliver Hatfield 7oaks Tri Club 01:05:23
  99 Phil Kitto 7oaks Tri Club  
  22 Andrew Evans 7oaks Tri Club  
22 23 Jon Hollidge 7oaks Tri Club 01:05:42
  24 Charles Mortleman 7oaks Tri Club  
  82 Catherine Linney (W) 7oaks Tri Club  
  83 Jane Wiley (W) 7oaks Tri Club 01:11:03
  84 Sally Mortleman (W) 7oaks Tri Club  
  40 Alan Lewis 7oaks Tri Club  
31 41 Thomas Roff 7oaks Tri Club 01:13:33
  42 Alan McPherson 7oaks Tri Club  

Cath Linney, was unlucky to get a puncture just after the start, so although she managed to get another wheel and rejoin her team, the ladies time is not officially counted.

Thank you to Neil 'Speedos' Colvini for coming down to cheer us on :¬)

Full results here: http://spinwheelsresults.org/index.php/open-time-trials-2016/41-results/open-2016/639-kent-ca-3-up-25-mile-team-time-trial

Please add any comments below. Photos to follow shortly...


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Photos can be found here, yes v cold!