Personalising the Annual Swimming Plan

In January Tom published the Annual Swimming Plan for the club. We all have different race schedules, different constraints and different levels of interest in structuring our training. It would not be practical to create 150+ individual training plans to meet everyone's individual needs. The In Season Maintenance phase is intended to keep a good level and to provide a baseline for members to adapt for their own race schedule.

Adapting Tom's annual plan to your own needs will take some time and effort. We would recommend you take this on if you: swim regularly 2+ times a week, have a clear race schedule with important A races selected and wish to follow a structured training pattern. Otherwise, Tom's annual plan will be fine for you. Just turn up to the sessions and work hard!

The 2016 Annual Swimming Plan Add-On describes how you might go about creating your own plan for the race season. We've also created an example of a personalised plan that might be produced through this process for an athlete who has A races at the end of May and end of September.

Thank you to those of you who responded to the race survey last month. A summary of the results is provided in the first section of the Add-On document above. Even if you don't read the rest, that section might be of interest.

Whilst we can't produce lots of individual plans, if you would like to discuss your approach or you have questions, please ask Tom or Dave and we'll do our best to help.