British Duathlon Championship Windsor

BTF Introduces 4th Discipline to Duathlon Championship

The BTF introduced mud wrestling to the British Duathlon Championship last week. Overnight rain meant the poor organizers had to cope with a quagmire in transition and the car park. It caused traffic chaos as many cars had to be towed into and out of the car park by tractor.

The Standard Distance now consisted of: Run 10km, Wallow, Bike 40km,Wait for the queen, Wallow, Run 5km, Best Mud Angel.

Right.....The Queen. She decided to go to church. So we had to stop half way around the bike course and wait. It was a first for me too. Times were adjusted, but it was certainly a bit weird. "Don't draft" seems a bit redundant when you've just created a packed peleton of over 50 riders.

Two and two half 7 Oaks Tri members joined the 1800 athletets competing for AG Sprint, AG Standard, Elite and ParaDuathlon British Titles. Alastair Moffat and Dave Truman were joined by the two halves - Mike and Katrina Turner (see what I did there!). Mike and Katrina moved down to the New Forest recently and raced in their new club colours. They must have entered a while ago as they were still listed as 7 Oaks in the results:

Standard Distance

Alastair Moffat     2:11     49th     AG 7th

Mike Turner         2:31   231st     AG 16th

Dave Truman      2:50   387th     AG 31st

Sprint Distance

Katrina Turner    2:12   188th     AG  4th

Some snaps from the day. Alastair in full flow. Dave trundling and athletes enjoying transition.

On a nice sunny day this would have been an iconic event. It was a shame the weather didn't play ball. I'm sure next year will be better.