Sydenham open 25m cycling TT Harrietsham Q25/20 results

Scraping ice off the windscreen before a time trial is becoming a habit this year! Having committed myself to wearing a skin suit, I was fixated on the car's temperature gauge all the way to Lenham commmunity centre for registration. It was a beautiful sunny morning, the temperature was rising quickly and my warm-up consisted of standing in the sun for half an hour.

It is a tough undulating course! I had a short rest when my chain came off just after the half way turn-around roundabout, my wooly gloves getting caught between the sprocket and chain! The last two miles or so of the course are predominently up hill and I was actually using first gear at one point.

Six 7oaks tri members took part. Congratulations to Sam Bennett for winning category C!

28 Sam Bennett 7 Oaks Triathlon Club C 43 00:03:58


34 Stephen Searby 7 Oaks Triathlon Club D 53 00:04:53


44= Andrew Evans 7 Oaks Triathlon Club D 45 00:00:15 01:07:18
50 David Lobley 7 Oaks Triathlon Club C 50 00:01:57 01:09:59
51 Phil Kitto 7 Oaks Triathlon Club D 53 00:02:37 01:11:16
59 Martin Gymer 7 Oaks Triathlon Club D 54 00:06:21 01:15:13

Full results are available here: