Run Session 17/5/2016

Tomorrow’s run session is back to intervals around Knole House.
As usual we’ll meet at the Leisure Centre at 6:45pm to jog over to the park together. Nice chance to chat and catch up whilst we warm up.

We’ll base ourselves at our favourite corner of the house. Anyone who arrives late, please meet us over there.

Plan this week is slightly longer intervals. The session should feel challenging. You might need to adapt it depending on what else you have going on this week. On the other hand it should be very beneficial if you have races coming up in the next month or so.

Sprint/Olympic Athletes        -    One long and one short side hard (about 600m), one side recovery. Repeat until time to jog back.

70.3/Ironman                -    6 sides (one and a half laps - about a mile) hard, one side recovery. Repeat until time to jog back.

Again I’ll try to take some more photos, this time focusing on the recovery phase. The four phases of running (according to BTF) are Support, Drive, Recovery and Swing. In last week’s picture you were all in the drive phase. The recovery phase is from picking up your foot to starting to swing it forwards.

Forecast is pretty good.

See you over there.


PS    If you could let me know a 10k or 5k (park run is fine) race time from this year it would be helpful for next week when I’m planning a handicap run. If you don’t have one, we can always make an estimate.