Fambridge yacht haven half iron results

Due to high tide not being until 10:45am it was a late start for five 7oaks tri members swimming in between the yachts in the estuary. It was breezy, creating some chop in the water. The sun was out, adding to the seaside holiday atmosphere and I was glad I took the offer of some factor 50 before we set out on the undulating and windy cycle route. The heat was taking it's toll and the last few miles of the bike seemed to drag.

As I got off the bike I had bad stomach cramps and couldn't stand up straight, so had to walk a lot for the first 6km or so. Stefan was also suffering badly on the run. The run was a 4 lap course through varied terrain; along roads, through fields, across a level crossing. There was a very friendly family on part of the course giving out water at the end of their driveway and showering competitors with a very welcome hose! The sun was really beating down with temperatures around 28C - a lot of sunburns at the end!

A great event with a friendly low key atmosphere and lots of cheering as the run passed in front of the local pub each lap.