BTF south east club competition standings

The fourth round of the competition was Redhill triathlon on 21st August. We didn't have any 7oaks members taking part but Epsom and Tri-Surrey had a large presence for the Surrey race. Tri-Surrey had a huge team of 39 members which means that they will probably now win the 'Mob' competition.

For the female standings, Epsom have now had two wins which means that they need another win at southwater to beat 7oaks. 7oaks are 3rd behind Epsom and Tri-Surrey in the male standings. Here's how the table stands:

The 5th and final round is this coming Sunday at Southwater. Being in Surrey, we can expect a large Epsom and Tri-Surrey presence. Please make sure you include '7oaks' in your southwater team name so that the BTF official recognises which club the team belongs to in the results.