Bodiam Castle Tri

by Marcus Smith


3 of us were racing today at Bodiam Castle triathlon. Gorgeous morning in a charming setting. Swim got underway but low lying sun caused sighting problems in the moat followed by a rolling bike course with a few testing climbs but ridable with full tri/TT set up but glad to have previously reccied the course and then the run was flat with hard packed trails for the first half and leg sapping grass for the second half in scenic Rother valley.


Nicola Glover 2nd lady overall, John Bacon 1st 70-74, Marcus Smith 22/240. Forgot to take pictures (sorry!!!). First time for ages I felt I have been able to race properly and not feel tired. Change of nutrition (no caffeine, no dairy, reduced gluten intake) is making the difference. Keep the calorie intake up but change the source of calories I'm eating and I'm there! Racing EOS triathlon in Lydd in 3 weeks!