The Vitruvian Middle Distance

by Jane Wiley

Mike Clyne reminded me what a 'nice race' this is - it was the second middle distance event I did - 7 yrs ago - and it really is a great race - eminently sensible, ie clear routes and signage; good marshaling, good 'freebies' (T shirt, hoodie, H20 bottle, gels) and the course while not easy has a bit but not a lot of 'omg' challenges. I have never raced at an event with non stop rain - now, I have. Thankfully it was relatively warm rain - but heavy. Suspect the rain slowed bike pace the most  - and certainly increased DNF's - out of the sold -out 1000 entries, there were about 25 DNF's. 




Name             Swim  T1    Bike     T2    Run         Total     Position overall  Gender  AG


Jane Wiley       37.39   2.36  2:38:52  3.26 1.45.52    5:08:15         272                 20th    1st


Mark Norris      34.29   3.53  2:57:52  2:15 1:50:10    5:28:39         423                 301     23rd